Thank you for your interest in my photographs. I like to place figures in unexpected landscapes or situations. I am interested in the juxtapositions between different colors, textures, emotions, and subject matters. I tend to take images that are firmly rooted in a cultural tradition. This may be Americana, but my interests have taken me across the globe. Many of my photographs feature Asian figurines and themes, because I lived in that part of the world for several years. I am also fascinated by food and drinks, and frequent subjects for my camera include coffee, beer, wine, and other drinks.

Baaaaby small

One of the most important goals for me as a photographer is to tell stories. Different stories can be contained within the frame of a single image, or several frames can be combined into a storyboard that traces a tale, allegory, or transformation. I am always experimenting with new subjects and techniques, so please check back on my portfolio frequently!

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