Cruising Highway 36 Into the Storm Panorama

Striking Photography by Bo

Cruising Highway 36 Into the Storm

Started this storm chase from the edge of north east Boulder County where I like to sit and watch things develop, then decide what direction to run.  Got to hang out a little bit with an  AMAZING  fellow Photographer Bryce Bradford, he always seems to be on some of the same paths as me and it’s always a pleasure to run into him.

As I saw it starting to hit I decided to hit one of my favorite spots on highway 36 between Boulder Colorado and Lyons.  As I was diving,  there was a ton of rain and was lucky enough to go through the storm from one outer edge to the other and got this shot.

After this, went back to the other side of the east county but it started to die and I miss the composition that could have been something good.  Hope you like.

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