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“Have we gone stark raving mad?”
That’s the question national columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. asks about the newly passed gun law in Georgia.

The “guns every-where bill”, signed into state law by Gov. Nathan Deal,
allows all firearm owners to pack heat in churches, bars, libraries, schools, some government buildings and airports. Gun stores are no longer required to keep records of their sales and police officers will not be allowed to ask to see an owners’ gun license.

For days after the Sandy Hook school shootings. I couldn’t wrap my mind or my heart around the loss and emotional devastation that had occurred so I started playing with conceptual photography to capture my feelings.

In addition to ‘CHAINED TO OUR GUNS’ I made the image ‘THE COST OF FREEDOM’. Disclaimer: the guns used in these images belong to me. I’m not against gun ownership, I do however believe in…

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