Are You Centered?

Prana – Yoga Art By Sharon Cummings Painting by Sharon Cummings #prana #yoga #yogaart #spiritualart

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


For over 18 years now I have had the great blessing to learn the lessons that only chronic vertigo can teach.  Specifically mine are migraine associated vertigo or MAV.  Actual headaches are rare at only one or two per month and they are controlled well holistically.  But the vertigo is insidious and comes and goes.  Mostly it comes with weather fronts and hormonal changes, but can show up at any time.  One of the things I have learned is that keeping my life as balanced and centered as possible is critical.  When I get the false sensations I know it is a good time to do some Yoga poses and reflect on where there is imbalance.  Once I hone in on it I can make adjustments to get me back to a place of peace.  Often it is overwork that causes me to slow down and tweak my…

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