My SEXY Lingerie Drawer….

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Recently I decided to clean out and organize all of my clothing drawers.  When my husband came in and saw the pile of lace, satin and silk on the floor he said, “We should put those to more use.”  I do not think these images were what he had in mind. 😉  But a light bulb definitely went off in my creative mind.  


Everyone has there own idea of what SEXY is.  Lingerie is usually used to entice and stimulate the desires of both men and women.  Or some people wear these delicate little gems just to feel “pretty”.  As an artist, I just see patterns, textures, shadows and lines.  So I assembled them into interesting positions and photographed them.  I added some filter work to give them a “vintage” feel.  

As I said yesterday, ugly things can be made pretty.  And pretty things…

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