Getting WET…

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



As a painter, I am no stranger to getting wet.  For years I’ve had acrylic splattered, dripped, sprayed and poured onto me.  And sometimes I just stick my hands right into it.  I am finding that photography is also keeping me damp.  I live in Florida where it is humid and hot most of the year.  Right now it is quite chilly at 35 degrees, but last week at Selby Gardens there was one place that was warm and quite drippy.  They have a huge greenhouse there with the most beautiful and exotic plants you can image.  My group of friends were awestruck as we walked around the lush interior.  While we separated ourselves I found this small glassed off area that was all green inside except for one lone orchid.  The condensation formed on the glass in front of it and it reminded me of a rainy day…

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