getting in touch with my soft side

You can’t always be edgy. Some of my most popular photographs are religious or inspirational, and that seems to touch people in a different way than laughing about Godzilla. Good to have a complex personality I think! These two images have received more comments than almost any others. Both feature angel figurines, this first one photographed in a broken wall where a car accidentally rammed through the cinderblocks in a nearby neighborhood.


I think this top one is interesting because of the scene, the contrast between the angel and destruction, and the sense of hope and rescue that it conveys. The image below is striking because it is a beautiful natural setting and because of the symbolism of the strong rays of light illuminating the groundcover and the way the light recedes into the far background. Hope you enjoy!


Available as prints here – Angel in the Rubble and Field of Salvation.

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1 Response to getting in touch with my soft side

  1. I love both of them…very emotive!

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